Hello everybody and God Bless you!

I’ve had it in my heart to create a blog for about a week or two, and I finally spoke to my assistant, Jamie, and our president, Ricky, and we agreed it would be a great idea.  So here it is!  AJAIC DMO’s blog site.  This blog will feature a LOT of things.  It’ll have info regarding:

  • events (past, present and future)
  • messages from directive members, pastors, counselors, leaders, etc
  • spiritual testimonies
  • service reflections
  • inspirational notes
  • what’s going on in the circuits
  • photos
  • etc!

So please save this link as a bookmark on your web browser!!!  https://ajaicdmoblog.wordpress.com Jamie and I will be doing our best to keep up with this.  Follow us on Facebook and MySpace.  Leave us a comment below!  You can also send us an email ajaicdmo@yahoo.com for whatever the need.  We will try and respond as soon as possible!

– Annie

PS.  Check out our Calendar, Directive page and our Polls!  The blog is still under construction.  😉


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