God bless you!!!  It’s been a while!  I wanted to update the blog with something encouraging for you guys.  A jóven was kind enough to send us some quotes for us to reflect on and I’d like to share them with you all.

  • “Worship shouldn’t be determine by your circumstances or blessings; they should be determined by the reality of who God is, and be persistent and driven the same way as God’s purpose is persistent and driven in our lives.” – Alberto Santiago
  • “Faith is seeing light with your heart when your eyes see only darkness.” – Anonymous
  • “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” – Dr. James B. Richards
  • “Life is not a problem to solved, it is a mystery to be lived.” – Bishop Veron Ash
  • “We must meet the uncertainties of this world with the certainty of the world to come.” – A. W. Tozer
  • “Worship in pain brings down God’s glory in peace.” – Alberto Santiago
  • “No one can judge your book by its cover if they haven’t taken the time to flip the pages of your life and read your story, and even if they read your story they still can’t judge you because it wasn’t you who wrote the story it was Christ.” – Alberto Santiago
  • “Grace exalts you without flattering you; it humbles you without humiliating you.” – Ravi Zacharias

Thank you Bebo!  (Alberto Santiago, Iglesia Bethel)

Have a blessed day guys!


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