“Restoring My Worship”

Joshua 7:1, 12
Restoration is often needed in many aspects of life. When a car is damaged, there are people who are called mechanics, who work their hardest to restore that car that is damaged. The question that really matters is, what is restoration? what is to restore? Restore basically means to bring back into a former, original, and normal condition. When that car is damaged, and you drive it, it doesn’t feel the same or work the same. You take it to a mechanic who can bring it back to its former and original self. In the book of Joshua, the seventh chapter, the people of Israel were being defeated by their enemies because they needed to be restored. It came to the point where Israel couldn’t even stand against their enemies because of the trespass that Israel committed. A man named Achan, from the tribe of Judah, committed a trespass by taking from the accursed things. Because of what Achan committed, Israel was having difficulties in fighting against their enemies and conquering. The most interesting thing about this story was that Achan was from the tribe of Judah-Judah means praise. There are times in our lives where we cannot even stand against our enemies only because we have some things and people in our lives who are defiling our worship. We come to church, leave church, and etc and we ask God, “how come I am still in this mess and everything is being destroyed in front of my very own eyes?” You see, the reason why the enemy is always winning you is only because your worship looks exactly like your enemies. We are demanded by God to restore our worship and throw everything and everyone who is defiling our worship out of our lives. I conclude by asking, “Who are you reflecting in your worship?”
– Alberto Santiago

“There is no worship pleasing to God until there is nothing in me displeasing to God.” – A. W. Tozer


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