“You Can’t Shut Me Up”

Acts 16:25-34

There has been times where we have encountered people in which no matter how much we try to shut them up because of their annoying and ignorant attitudes, they just won’t be quiet. I know we all have encountered them or maybe were them. Don’t we all had our moments like this. Well, in this story, there are similar things in it. The only difference is, there is absolutely no ignorance what so ever in this story. After delivering a slave girl from an evil spirit, and beaten for those actions, (v.18-24) Paul and Silas were in prison praying and singing. (v.25) Suddenly, while they were praising and worshiping God, there was an earthquake. It was so strong and immense that it caused the doors to open and everyone’s chains were loosed. Even their enemies feared, and started believing. (v.26-34) The most interesting and amazing thing, was the fact that their enemies tied them up everywhere, but didn’t close their mouths. No matter what your enemies do to you, they will always forget to close your mouth. When your enemies try their best to shut you up, never let them. Keep on praising God until they are fed up. The next time the devil tries to hurt you or harm you, tell him with a big smile on your face, “You can’t shut me up”. – Alberto Santiago

“Worship is the immense mystery a man can live; the most unfathomable action the evil one cannot discern, and where the Infinite One is always revealed.” – Alberto Santiago


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