“Desperate Faith”

Mark 7:24-30

In this story we see Jesus wanting to be hidden from the crowd after many days of miracles, wonders, and healing. The story tells us that He was on the verge of entering at a house where he did not want to be disturbed by no one, but that was impossible. fortunately, a women heard of Jesus and she happened to find Him when He wasn’t trying to find her. This women begged for a miracle. She begged for Jesus to heal her daughter, who was being tormented by an evil spirit. Jesus replied her request by saying that she needed to be helped last, but this woman’s faith caused her to have the privilege to be answer by Jesus. This story is interesting because in the beginning of it, Jesus wasn’t interesting doing any miracles or healing; He was trying to hide. You see, faith doesn’t see what is invisible, but it finds the impossible. This woman’s faith was so unique, that she couldn’t leave Jesus alone after the long quest she was living. This is applied to us also; we need desperate faith. Desperate faith is not doubtful faith, it is just the faith that doesn’t take failure as an answer. Whatever you are going through, faith has the ability to find the hidden things. How many of you have desperate faith? – Alberto Santiago

“Faith is the mother of virtues. Faith is the fire which consumes sacrifice. Faith is the water which nurtures the root of piety. If you have not faith, all your graces must die. And in proportion as your faith increases, so will all your virtues be strengthened, not all in the same proportion, but all in some degree.” – Charles H. Spurgeon

“Faith sees the invisible, believes the unbelievable, and receives the impossible.” – Corrie Ten Boom


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